• CLASSIC $7.95

    (Chocolate Chip Cookies & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream)

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Can’t improve upon perfection!

  • MO-MINT  $7.95

    (Double Chocolate Cookies & Mint Chip Ice Cream)

    Spoil yourself with a mo-mint of serenity.

  • DOUBLE DARK  $7.95

    (Double Chocolate Cookies & Chocolate Ice Cream)

    Rich, luxurious, and twice as nice.

  • CHERRY BOMB  $7.95

    (Double Chocolate Cookies & Wild Cherry Ice Cream)

    Wild at heart with a dark, mysterious exterior.

  • LIL TART (VEGAN)  $7.95

    (Vanilla Sugar Cookies & Lemon Meringue Nice Cream)

    Bright, zippy, and sweet as pie.

  • ELVIS (VEGAN)  $7.95

    (Peanut Butter Cookies & Banana Pudding Nice Cream)

    Indulgence fit for a king.

  • FAIRYTALE  $7.95

    (Vanilla Sugar Cookies & Raspberry White Chocolate Ice Cream)

    Innocent and sweet with a streak of fun. A marriage of flavours that live Happily Ever After.

  • SALTY PEANUT  $7.95

    (Peanut Butter Cookies & Salted Caramel Ice Cream)

    Sassy and salty, smooth with a bit of grit.

  • CANADIAN  $7.95

    (Oatmeal Cookies & Maple Walnut Ice Cream)

    As Canadian as Maple Syrup, and a little nutty.

  • OLD FASHIONED  $7.95

    (Oatmeal Cookies & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream)

    Some may call me traditional, but I prefer “pure, simple, and wholesome”

  • ELECTRIC (VEGAN)  $7.95

    (Chocolate Chip Cookies & Cappuccino Nice Cream)

    A zing of caffeine wrapped in the comforts of home.

  • SHORTCAKE (VEGAN)  $7.95

    (Vanilla Sugar Cookies & Strawberry Shortcake Nice Cream)

    Part strawberry ice cream and part cake, a delight for the indecisive.

  • SWEET TEA  $7.95

    (Vanilla Sugar Cookies & Matcha Ice Cream)

    Earthy and unique with a heavy helping of charm.

  • BUTTERCUP (VEGAN)  $7.95

    (Peanut Butter Cookies & Chocolate PB Fudge Nice Cream)

    There’s nuttin’ better than this butter cup.

  • KONG (VEGAN)  $7.95

    (Double Chocolate Cookies & Banana Pudding Nice Cream)

    Ruler of the jungle.